Top iPhone 8 Speculations

Various rumors have been circulating around the web about what features may be found in Apple's next smartphone release. For the past couple of decades, these devices are released in the start of September, therefore it's not far fetched to think it will happen this year, too. Another wonderful question is whether the 8th edition of this iPhone will actually be called the iPhone 8. Apple can select a different name for its 10th anniversary edition of its smartphone. Regardless of what features it has, though, you'll surely have the ability to download cell phone spy software onto it. I highly suggest this for parents of small children.

With all the questions, it's refreshing to read upon some matters that may actually be happening. There are always a lot of rumors surrounding the next i-phone, even though perhaps not all of them could come to fruition, chances are that at least a few of them will soon be true.

Speculations and Rumors for the I-phone 8

OLED Screens

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. Perhaps one of the most exciting features in regards to the iPhone 8 would be that it could actually feature OLED displays. OLED screens produce their own light, therefore they do not require the backlight that is present from the current iPhone models. Which means that the iPhone 8 will be thinner than previous models. This is why the brand new OLED TVs out of LG are so sparse. A slimmer phone is not only aesthetically pleasing; it could also help users choose their mobile out of their pocket or handbag more easily.

Wireless Charging

1 feature that is on the rumor mill for awhile is wireless charging. Samsung, Google, and LG have previously made tablets that charge wirelessly. As the Apple Watch charges to a wireless magnetic charging dock, it is logical that the iPhone will have this feature as well.

Only Made of Glass

This could be the very first i-phone that's solely made of glass since the i-phone 4, which was released way back in 2010. The iPhone has come a long way since that time. Plus, an all-glass version would enhance wireless charging and other capabilities.
Retina Scanning

Together side the i-phone 8, the samsung-galaxy S8 might have retina scanning too. While telephones will most likely possess this feature someday, we still have no idea if it'll happen in 2017. However, bringing in a retina scan function could radically raise the security protocols of their i-phone 8. It's better compared to the present version's fingerprint or pass code process. You'll be sure that no one else can break into your phone and download cell phone spy software.

Whether you're a fan of Apple's products or not, the next iPhone will definitely have some exciting features. These upgrades will inspire other smartphone manufacturers to continue innovating and improving their products. App manufacturers may even make changes to their games and cell phone spy software to automatically reveal such features. As an i-phone 6 proprietor I am particularly excited about upgrading to a newer version this past year.

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